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Katie Porter 

CA 45

Rep. Porter’s tough questioning of Trump Administration officials and business executives made her a standout member of the 2018 freshmen class, and we are excited to support her re-election.


Hiral Tipirneni Picture.png

Hiral Tipirneni

AZ 06

Dr. Tipirneni is running against one of the most corrupt Republicans in the U.S. House. Her experience as a practicing physician will be vital to the Congress, especially during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

TJ Cox Picture.jpg

TJ Cox 

CA 21

TJ Cox is an incumbent from California who has done great work fighting for Central Valley workers in Congress. We also love his focus on supporting education and our public schools.

Jaime_Harrison Picture.png

Jaime Harrison 

SC Senate

Jaime Harrison is running against Lindsey Graham, one of President Trump's biggest enablers in South Carolina. Jaime Harrison will bring an experienced and progressive voice to the US Senate.

MJ Hegar Picture.jpg

MJ Hegar 

TX Senate

Veteran MJ Hegar's time in the Air Force has given her valuable insight on the value of a stable global environment, and we look forward to supporting her in her race against Republican Sen. John Cornyn.


CFB JT Picture.jpg

JT Eden

San Carlos City Council

Jackie Speier Photo.jpg

Jackie Speier

CA 14

Jamaal Bowman Photo.jpg

Jamaal Bowman

NY 16

anna headshot (2).jpg

Anna Eshoo

CA 18

Christy Smith Photo.png

Christy Smith

CA 25

AOC Photo.jpg



NY 14

Ayanna Pressley Photo.jpg

Ayanna Pressley

MA 07

Julie Oliver Photo.jpg

Julie Oliver

TX 25

Gary Peters Photo.jpeg

Gary Peters

MI Senate 

Cori Bush Photo.jpg

Cori Bush

MO 01

Peter DeFazio Photo.jpg

Peter DeFazio

OR 04

Amy McGrath Photo.png

Amy McGrath

KY 06

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