Bylaws for the Campaign for Blue Political Action Committee 

Campaign for Blue is a nonconnected committee under Section 527 of the Internal Revenue Code. FEC Campaign ID: C00748509

Section 1. The mission of Campaign for Blue PAC (“the committee”, “the organization”)  is to use the grassroots energy and resources of progressives in our network to support Congressional campaigns nationwide.

Section 2. The President of the organization shall be elected by the voting membership and serve as chair of all meetings. The President will appoint Executive Directors and Directors to fulfil the needs of the organization. Executive directors will commit to 4-6 hours of work a week and oversee the core functions of the committee. Directors will commit to 1-3 hours of work a week and assist the Executive Directors in specific tasks. The expectations of each Executive Director and Director will be made clear to them in writing by the President. The President, Executive Directors, and Directors can be referred to as “the leadership team”. All appointment decisions will be approved by a majority vote of the committee.

Section 3. The voting membership will be every person who completely fills out the sign-up form and who is approved by the current voting membership. No one will be denied membership due to their party affiliation, but all members shall uphold the goals and vision of the organization. A majority of voting membership may revoke the voting rights of a member if they do not uphold the goals and vision of the organization. 


Section 4. The group will choose to support candidates who are approved by a 2/3 vote of the group membership in accordance with the candidate selection guidelines. The specific amount of financial support will be proposed by the Director of Finances and the amount of volunteer dedication will be proposed by the Director of Operations. 


Section 5. Meetings will be scheduled by the President. No member or Director will lose their ability to vote for missing a meeting. Meetings and votes will be conducted using Robert's Rules of Order, relaxed as needed including, but not limited to, the following: speaking time will not be limited and the chair will have the ability to make motions, speak on items, and vote.


Section 6. These bylaws can be amended with a simple majority vote of voting membership. This is not intended to be a legal document; the policies listed are for organizational purposes. 


Section 7. Resolutions may be agreed to with the purpose of designating short-term policies. 


Resolved, the directors of Campaign for Blue agree to the above bylaws and may be subject to removal for violating them.


Approved unanimously on June 8, 2020

Campaign for Blue

Our mission is to use the grassroots energy and resources of San Mateo County progressives to support Congressional campaigns nationwide.

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