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Our mission is to use the grassroots energy and resources of progressives

in our network to support Congressional campaigns nationwide.


1. To contribute to flipping the Senate and maintaining the House Democratic Majority.

2. To utilize the volunteer power of Silicon Valley to digitally organize for progressive candidates.

3. To raise community awareness for progressive causes and issues.


Campaign for Blue’s candidates are representative of what our organization believes in, and as a result, we hold them to a specific standard to ensure they uphold our values. It is vital that our candidates promote equitable opportunities for all and have a history of respect, accountability, and integrity. In addition to these values, our organization chose to focus on three current issues our nation faces today:


MEDICARE FOR ALL - We believe that people deserve access to quality, affordable healthcare regardless of employment status, citizenship status, income, pre-existing condition, available insurance, or other background, and that our current system misses the mark. As such, Campaign for Blue’s candidates support Medicare for All as an effort toward single-payer healthcare in the U.S.


GREEN NEW DEAL - The issue of our environmental crisis has become a subject that cannot be ignored. In order to preserve and ensure our future, we support candidates who will take action and address climate change and society’s responsibility to resolve it. The Green New Deal is a necessary reform that calls for the government to reduce green-house gas emissions, create high-paying jobs in clean energy, ensure that all have access to clean water and healthy food, and encourage the world to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. 

GOVERNMENT AND ELECTIONS REFORM - Campaign for Blue recognizes that money has too great of an influence on our legislative process. None of the important, progressive actions our country needs to take will be possible without significant election and government reforms. Our candidates support policies that will get corporate money out of politics and bolster the power of the people to choose their representatives in Congress. 

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